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Bitten Bitten
by Kelley Armstrong

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Elena Michaels is special, the only female werewolf in the world. She has exiled herself from the pack to live a normal human life in downtown Toronto, with a normal job and a normal boyfriend. Someone is hunting her pack though, leaving freshly killed humans around their property. The local law enforcement thinks the culprits are wild dogs but the pack knows better. They call Elena to return home and help solve the mess. Though reluctant to go home, as that means she’ll have to face the former lover who bit her and changed her into a werewolf, Elena needs to protect her pack.

Clayton Davenport is professor of anthropology who looks like a male model. He’s also a werewolf known for being a psychopath, and Elena’s ex, the one who bit her. they hunt the killers, then flee to Toronto to flush them out. They don’t realise the killer has tracked them to the city and things get interesting, especially when Clay meets Elena’s human boyfriend.

The strong heroines of the Underworld series have always appealed to me, and Elena is someone who dosn’t want or need protection. This makes things a little tense with Clay, who considers protecting her to be part of his job. This is a tightly written story with lots of action, some romantic undertones and a few ‘oh, I didn’t see that coming’ moments. I highly recommend this book to paranormal fans who enjoy fast paced plots.

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