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Rides A Dread Legion Rides A Dread Legion
by Raymond Feist
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Katie Boyle

This is the beginning of yet another trilogy set on Midkemia, with Pug as a major character (again). It is typical Feist, if perhaps a bit less involving than his earlier works. There are good action sequences, broken up by philosophizing and exposition. The old characters are still true to themselves, and the new characters are unique. Pug in particular continues to learn and his worldview continues to evolve – not something that’s easy after 21 books set in the same world, with Pug at least peripherally involved in most or all of them. Some major changes are afoot, and this book was interesting enough to justify continuing to read the trilogy.

Like the previous Feist book I reviewed, this one had some issues of proofreading and sentence structure; this one, however, was not nearly as bad as the previous one. Most readers would not find the issues enough to interfere with enjoyment of the book.

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