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Fountain Of Forever Fountain Of Forever
by K. D. Berry
Bluewood Publishing

Supplied for review by Bluewood Publishing

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Fountain of Forever is the third book of the writing team Kevin and Diane Berry, and is a sequel to Growing Disenchantments. The Berrys’ writing style has evolved and improved with each book; shifting from a plot around some puns, to humorous adventure tale, to the current light-hearted adventure story.

Fountain of Forever again concerns Chronological Intervention Agency (CIA) field agent Ned Merrivel; who has been sent back in time to find what has been causing local changes in the balance of time and deal with it before causal paradoxes occur. All the time variances are happening around a place known as the "Fountain of Forever" a supposed fountain of youth run by an itinerant (are there any other?) con artist. Inconveniently for Ned his own past is caught up in these events thereby vastly complicating matters. On hand is a younger version of himself and his much loved, but very roguish grandfather – who is trying to escape a debt with a genie that has now fallen due. Can Ned change his own past without causing a paradox?

I found Fountain of Forever to be a well-paced, action story with real characters that grow and change as the story develops; with the ending containing some surprises. The Berrys have shown they are prepared to vary their writing style to fit the story and with this book I think they have chanced on a winner as I found Fountain of Forever to be a more than satisfying read. More books on the adventures of CIA field agent Ned Merrivel please.

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