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Eternalprison The Eternal Prison
by Jeff Somers

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

Having driven from Flagstaff to Las Vegas through part of the Nevada desert, I can see why you’d put a prison there – it really was the most inhospitable place I have ever seen, and you can guarantee that Somers’ Chengara Penitentiary is in an even nastier part of that same desert. The point being that getting past the guards and the walls isn’t the real problem, it’s the desert that will kill you if you try to escape. Unless you happen to be Avery Cates, of course. The Eternal Prison is not what it at first seems – a straightforward story of Avery Cates thrown in prison, and his inevitable escape. It’s far more complex than that. The movie of this one (and yes, it’s another R18) would be very difficult to make – we have multiple threading, multiple personalities - even multiple Averys. You see, Chengara is not just a prison. Oh, and outside the prison there’s a war on…
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