Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand

Wool Wool:
Silo Series Book 1
by Hugh Howey

Supplied for review by Random House New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Every so often one of the residents of the silo is chosen to go Outside and clean the windows. As the air outside is poisonous, they all wear protective suits and are not expected to return, quickly succumbing to the deadly air Outside. Now its Holsten’s turn, the only difference being he volunteered, three years after his wife went Outside. As he was the Sheriff, responsible for keeping the peace in the silo, a new person must be found to hold the office. That person is Juliette.

Living deep down in the mechanical division, Juliette is reluctant to leave her essential work to move 90 floors up top. She proves to be an efficient sheriff – until she uncovers the truth about the history of the silo. Now The Powers That Be need her to bury that knowledge before others find out.

I generally don’t like science fiction and didn’t expect to enjoy this book. I was wrong. The world of the silo was intriguing, with people accepting thing without question, content to live in little cliques.  The characters were well defined and came alive; you could see them in your mind. The plot was tightly woven with something always happening, and there was a political conspiracy happening. In the end it came down to good vs evil and how people would react. My one complaint is it ended too soon.

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