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Beyond The Wall Of Time Beyond The Wall Of Time
by Russell Kirkpatrick
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Beyond the Wall of Time is the final book in Russell Kirkpatrick’s Husk trilogy and coincidentally concludes the story begun in Across the Face of the World (two trilogies and five books ago). For those who started the journey through Russell’s world of three continents with that book this last instalment is a great and wonderful ending.

In Beyond the Wall of Time the gods continue their attempts to come back from the other side of the wall of time into the land of the living. To do this they wage war against the band of travellers who, unwittingly at first, are standing in their way and then later are blocking the gods every attempt.

Russell Kirkpatrick shows his strengths as an author, taking risks with his characters that lesser lights in the world of fantasy books do not. Some of his characters are injured, some die, and some find happiness, but all change and grow. And that changing and growing keeps the book (and this series) from being yet another carbon sink to be stored on the shelves as evidence of personal carbon sequestration.

I enjoyed Beyond the Wall of Time far more than I expected – and I had high expectations to begin with. Why can’t other fantasy trilogies be this much fun.

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