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Covet Covet
Fallen Angel - Book 1
by JR Ward

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Jim Heron is a drifter who has found a temporary construction job in Caldwell. He has walked away from his past as an assassin for the US, only to find they’re not letting him go that easily. Jim’s temporary construction job is building a house, Vin’s his latest status symbol.

Vin Di Pietro started from nothing and is a self made man, having plenty of toys and an obscene amount of money. He only had to sell his soul to achieve success... Marie-Terese works at the Iron Mask, a job she abhors but she needs the money. She’s on the run from her past – a past she’s terrified has caught up to her.

Jim is electrocuted on the job and dies, meeting a pack of arch-angel who have decided to use him in an epic battle of good vs evil. To win he only has to convince seven souls to choose the path of righteousness over sin. And Vin’s is the first soul.

Vin and Marie-Terese get to know and trust each other, only to have the shadow of Vin’s ex-girlfriend cast over them. Jim knows she’s evil, so he and his two trusty sidekicks (who cast no shadows) must ride to the rescue on their Harley...

As a fan of JR Ward’s Brotherhood series, I was a little apprehensive Covet wouldn’t measure up. I’m happy to say it does. The Fallen Angel series is one to watch out for. It has the good vs evil battles, the redemption of souls, angels, demons, and hot guys in black leather. This is very good. Read it. I look forward to the next.

For Brotherhood fans:

No vampires – well, apart from a blink and you’ll miss him sighting of Phury. Trez is the owner of the Iron Mask and shows his softer side. It doesn’t matter though. The angels are just as hot.

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