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Revelations Revelations
by Melissa Del La Cruz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

The third in the series, this starts off with Schuyler being forced to live with Mimi, due to her grandmother’s will being contested. This means she also gets to live in close quarters with Jack, her crush and Mimi’s twin and vampire mate.

Mimi plans, again, her and Jack’s bonding ceremony, while ignoring Jack and Schuyler sneaking off together. Bliss find Dylan again, and realises she has bank spots in her memories. Kingsley turns out to be a good guy and fighting for the Blue Bloods. Or is he? The story leads up to Corcovado, an important mystical place in the vampire world, located in Brazil, where an important party is scheduled to take place but is instead the scene of an open attack by the Silver Bloods. Transcripts of ventor interviews are scattered through the book

I recommend reading the first two in the series, to understand the tangled family relations and to grasp the characters. Schuyler’s still a misunderstood teen and Mimi a name-dropping snob, but this is a good read, if you follow the series. Suitable for teens.

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