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Cattras Legacy Cattra's Legacy
by Anna Mackenzie

Supplied for review by Random House

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Risha lives a simple life, herding goats in the mountains with her father, Palon. Shunned in her village as an outsider, when Palon dies she is turned out of the cottage they shared. Going through his possessions she finds letters and a name from another city. She leaves the village with a group of traders, determined to find out about her mother.

The journey provides more danger than she expected and she has to disguise herself as a boy. Fleeing from bandits is not the only danger Risha faces, as finding who to trust can be dangerous. Caught up in political intrigue and having to hide from those who want to kill her, Risha slowly finds the truth about her heritage.

The plot follows a classic story and is full of action, moving at a quick pace so nothing is ever boring. The heroine Risha is a strong character who doesn’t sit round wringing her hands and waiting for rescue, preferring to rescue herself. She develops into a strong leader and strategic thinker and grows throughout the story.

This is a wonderful book, well written and hard to put down. I read in two days, only putting it down as I needed sleep. I think this story is fantastic and a possible SJV contender. I’m eagerly awaiting the next in stage in Risha’s journey.

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