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Lover Awakened Lover Awakened
Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 3
by JR Ward

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

A warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Zsadist lives to fight and kill. They Brotherhood protect vampires from the lessers, de-souled humans whose sole purpose is to exterminate the entire vampire race Zsadist was kidnapped as a baby and sold as a Blood Slave. He endured many years of captivity and torture until being rescued by Phury, his twin brother. He was so damaged by his captor, there is no hope for him to ever live a normal life as he only embraces violence.

Bella is a member of the glymera - the aristocratic vampires - and a friend of the human woman who is bonded to Rhage, one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Bella is openly caring and affectionate but stifled by a controlling brother and society’s expectations. In Lover Eternal she was kidnapped by the leader of the lesser, who considered her his wife.

Now, Zsadist searches for her with a vengeance. He returns to her house many times to feel close to her. When he finally rescues her from captivity, she turns to him for comfort and he struggles to find some humanity in his soul to help her. The brothers are stunned to find him cuddling her in his room, because since his rescue he has been unable to touch and let others touch him. He has refused to eat or feed from fellow vampires. He know has to protect Bella from the lesser leader who wants his ‘wife’ back, as well as her brother who wants to cloister her.

I like how there were several sub-plots of characters, Tohr and Wellsie, Butch and Marissa, John Matthew and fellow pre-trans warrior trainees. You can see moreof characters from previous books. Some new characters are introduced who turn out to be integral in later books. This is a book with lots of fast-paced action and hot vampire men in tight leather pants. A must-read but not suitable for tweens. Please read this series in order so you don’t miss anything.

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