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Goddess Of Love Goddess Of Love
by P. C. Cast

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, has been married to Vulcan, the Roman God of fire, for many years. Bored, she visits Persephone, Goddess of Spring, in Tulsa for a girly catch-up and some retail therapy. While out shopping, she is summoned by a spell to help Pea Chamberlin, a shy, awkward interior designer with a huge crush on a gorgeous fireman, find love.

Griffin DeAngelo is a fireman as well as a sculptor. Having raised four sisters, he doesn’t find settling down with one woman very appealing. Then he sets eyes on Venus and sparks fly between them. Vulcan has a limp and hides in caves so he doesn’t have to face the disdain of the other Gods. He has a marriage in name only with Venus and is looking for a replacement so he can travel to the constellations. Seeing Pea, he is powerfully drawn to her.

Goddess in Love is two stories in one, Venus and Griffin, Vulcan and Pea. Most of the characters were hard to like; Pea was whiny and clueless before suddenly becoming confident and seductive, Griffin was very full of himself and his importance, Venus was shallow and seemed to talk a lot about orgasms and the genitals of gods. Vulcan was easy to like and I wanted him to be happy. He doesn’t get a lot of time in the book though. A shame as I really enjoyed the scenes from his perspective.

The first mistake this book made was having the Roman Goddess of Love living on Mt Olympus. That seemed a glaring mistake and coloured my view of the book. As it’s the 5th in the series, maybe there’s an explanation in the first four? Not having read them I wouldn’t know, but I hear they’re very good. I’d recommend starting this series with them first. The sex scenes are spicy and explicit, a surprise as in her other books sex is more implied. Goddess of Love is an excellent choice for a book that you don't need to concentrate on. Perfect for light reading when on holiday or sick.

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