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Zombies Zombie
Edited by Christopher Golden

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Zombie, an anthology of the undead as it is subtitled, as you may guess is a themed collection of short fiction about zombies (quelle surprise). And what a surprise it is. One would think that a set of stories about zombies, given their portrayal in film and television, would be one note song – interesting for ten seconds, but very boring thereafter – but this anthology dispels that notion.

Zombie presents almost as many different takes on the zombie tale as there are authors in the collection (nineteen). From zombie-killers who offer the zombies’ relatives a compassionate release, to those living as zombies, to new cheap soldiers, to a story told through posts on Twitter, this collection is a rich and interesting collection. Certainly every author played straight with no tongue on cheek satire, slapstick buffoonery, or sly romance. Each story was a rock solid story of coping, or not, with the return of the undead: sometimes as the undead, but generally as the living.

Viewing the names gives a reason for why this is such a strong collection: Joe Hill, Kelley Armstrong, Tad Williams (not well known for his short fiction), Derek Nikitas to name a few. Almost all the contributors to Zombie have been listed in Gardner Dozois’s honour roll of selected works or honourable mentions for his annual year’s best collection.

So if you enjoy your fiction at the less than novel length and don’t mind a dash of horror, then I whole-heartedly recommend Zombie to you – you won’t be disappointed.

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