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Invincible Invincible: The Chronicles Of Nick Book 2
by Sherilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Danger and evil have come to the bustling city of New Orleans, and Nick is in a race against time. Not only to save his own hide but those of the people at school. Again.

The story starts the day the first book ended, right after Nick and his friends defeat the zombies. The new football coach literally wants to kill him, hoards of demons are trying to collect on the newly placed bounty on his head, he’s receiving magic tutoring from Death and someone is out there murdering 14-year-old boys – with Nick next on that list. He also deals with bullies, his smothering mother, and girl troubles (why is the most popular girl in school suddenly into him?).

There is a lot of character building happening, expanding established characters like Bubba and Mark and adding some new dimensions to them. New and interesting characters like Grim, Pain, and Suffering are introduced. There isn’t as much action as "Infinity" as it has Nick figuring out what his powers are, how to use them and finding out secrets about himself. More of the mysteries about the series are unfolded and the motives of each of the parties fighting over Nick’s future are revealed.

This is a great book, hilarious, fast-paced, action-packed and left you wanting more.

It’s a YA book and has an interesting world, wonderful characters, and interesting storylines. The ending will have you wondering what's next and how Nick's going to deal with the relentless revelations. My only complaint is there is very little of Acheron (pout) and only a brief glimpse of Savitar.

You don't need to have read the Dark-Hunter series to enjoy this book (and those are definitely not YA). You do need to read INFINITY first since INVICIBLE picks up immediately after the events from that book and Kenyon doesn't waste time rehashing what's already happened. I highly recommend this series for teenagers.

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