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Crown Imperilled A Crown Imperilled
by Raymond E. Feist

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

A Crown Imperilled is the second book in Raymond E.Feist’s last trilogy about Midkemia and his whole Riftwar milieu (the back cover of the book prominently proclaims this book to be "the penultimate volume of the mighty riftwar cycle").

A Crown Imperilled continues straight on from where the previous volume, A Kingdom Besieged, left off.

The opening chapters of the book are each devoted to the so far related but unconnected storylines, and advance the action and draw the view point characters closer towards making contact. Mr Feist is an experienced enough author that the action moves along at a goodly pace and both drama and story build to a nicely unresolved fever pitch at the close of this instalment. If I have a grumble about this book that grumble would be the over the quality of the line editing. The book is riddled with typographical errors and there is one whole chapter where the central character immediately changes name after that chapter unfolds. This reader was left wandering whether the author was impatient to get the book published.

If you enjoyed A Kingdom Besieged then I recommend A Crown Imperilled to you, just be prepared for a few linguistic speed bumps on the way.

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