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Awakened Awakened
House Of Night Book 8
by P.C. And Kristin Cast

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

After surviving the Underworld, Zoey and Stark take their relationship to a new level. The bad god Kalona is sharing his soul with Stark after bonding in the Underworld. This is negatively affecting Stark but the good guys haven’t realised this yet. Stevie Rae and the group leave school to live underground after the death of one of the most likeable students. Everyone else believes Neferet is good again, while the group know she has killed. Heath comes back as a vessel that carries out the wishes of Neferet and tries to kill Zoey yet again. There was also some exciting battle action.

There were way too many pop culture references and author shout outs. It seemed to dumb down the story a bit and was irritating. This plot was well thought out and tightly written though, with an ending that was not happy, but also not all that sad. It leaves you wondering where the next HON book is going.

Things get quite steamy for a few of the characters early on. There is sexual content but it’s only slightly more graphic than the Twilight series sexual content. It just explains and hints that they have sex. The series show how friendships are made, relationships are formed and how trust is to be earned. Ok for tweens but not worth bothering with if you’re older.

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