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Envy Envy
Fallen Angels Book 3
by J. R. Ward

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

There's a battle going on between Heaven and Hell, and the side that saves seven souls wins.

Jim Heron is the Saviour, the man chosen by Heaven because he is both good and bad. He has the help of two fallen angels, Adrian and Eddie. They are monitored by a group of archangels, led by Nigel, who represent the ‘good’ side but are not allowed to interfere. Hell is represented by Devina, a demon who wears the skin of a curvy brunette. She’s evil personified with a fascinating mix of quirks – sees a therapist, has a crush on Jim, hoards trophies from her victims. Devina has her hooks in so many evil plots. It must be tiring being so evil.

Devina won the last round in Crave. Now the next soul is at the crossroads between good and evil, a serial killer’s son called Veck. Veck was first introduced in Lover Unleashed: Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 9, another series by J. R. Ward. It was fun to have that cross-over and little mentions of the BDB world. I was wondering how Veck’s vampire-induced "memory loss" would be explained!

Homicide detective Thomas "Veck" DelVecchio is certain he tried to kill Kroner, a serial killer who abducted many girls. He’s convinced he’s tainted with his father’s evil and it was only a matter of time until he gives in to the dark side. Unfortunately he doesn't remember the attack (as his mind was wiped by a vampire in Lover Unleashed) and the evidence says he's innocent.

Sophia Reilly is the internal affairs officer sent to investigate Veck. She’s a good girl who follows rules, a no nonsense, strong character. She proceeds to get close to him and trust him. The one thing I didn’t like was how quick she was to believe the worst about Veck. Reilly and Veck's investigate a missing person. Sissy Barton, who was sacrificed by Devina in Crave. Jim is obsessed with her and determined to find her body and retrieve her soul from hell. Evidence points to Sissy being killed by Kroner though.

This book has an involved, well written plot full of twists, double crosses, some loss, steamy romance, and lots of action. As with most stories by the Warden, the sex is very hot, so this is a book for adults. You should read the other Fallen Angel books first, as this is a series that has a lot of back-story. I highly recommend reading this book in one sitting, it’s too good to put aside!

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