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Dust Dust: Silo #3
by Hugh Howey
Century 2013

Supplied for review by Random HouseNew Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Jules has seen there’s more to the world than inside the Silo. She knows there are other people in other Silo’s and has promised some of them she’d return for them. She’s finding it hard to find support to accomplish this though. People are afraid of the unknown and content to remain with the status quo, even though the future is looking doubtful. She needs help, which another Silo can give.

The characters hate their world and want something more, which they’re strong enough to reach for. They finally figure out why things happened and what to do about it. I liked the new beginning of the ending but was left wondering what happened to the other Silos. The last instalment of the Silo trilogy is a good read and a worthwhile book to end the series with. There are no neat answers though and things are left hanging.

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