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Domino Men Domino Men
by Jonathan Barnes

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Domino Men is an unsettling mix of horror and parody, set in modern London. The story is the tale of Henry Lamb, his grandfather their employers, the Directorate and a fictional House of Windsor sovereigns of Great Britain and other realms.

The Directorate has been attempting to subvert a diabolical contract made by the House of Windsor [sic] in the 1850s and overdue for enforcement since the 1960s – and Henry Lamb has walked unawares into the struggle due to his grandfather collapsing from a stroke.

While the villains and the lesser heroes are well drawn, Henry Lamb is cast as a wet naf with as much gumption as a wether – a man not to be relied on in a crisis – a role he fills well.

The title characters, the domino men, are a pair of psychopathic demons whose every appearance was a pleasure to read as they caused misery and mayhem with malice aforethought. Unfortunately, these appearances were too infrequent for my taste and to the detriment of the book as Henry dithered at every turn. But I did like the parodies, even if they ruined the day for Henry or the villains, they were clever.

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