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Breathers Breathers:
A Zombie's Lament
by Scott G. Browne
Broadway Books

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Tosca Waerea

Sometimes, life is complicated. For Andy Warner, a thirty-something newly turned zombie who drinks shampoo to slow down his decomposition, who has only his undead support group for help and lives in a society that reviles his kind, 'complicated' is kind of an understatement. Actually, complicated would be an improvement. Andy lost his life, and his wife, in a fatal car crash. As a result, he lives in his parents' basement, decaying and depressed, until he starts attending Undead Anonymous, a support group for the undead. Unlife (living impaired?) takes a turn for the better when he meets, and falls for Rita, a recent-suicide (complete with stitches). But things really change when Andy, Rita and the Undead Anonymous group come upon Ray, who introduces them to his jars of 'venison'...

Not my usual kind of book but I've been on a bit of a zombie-fest lately and Browne's Breathers was a random choice. One that, as it turns out, I actually enjoyed. What's not to like? After all, it has all the classic elements a good book needs: horror, comedy, love, zombie sex and the devouring of human flesh, making it a very dark but comic read. If you've read The zombie survival guide : complete protection from the living dead by Max Brooks, you'll enjoy Browne's Breathers.

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