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The Minority Council The Minority Council
by Kate Griffin

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Minority Council is the fourth book in Kate Griffin’s unfolding series about urban magician, occasional midnight mayor and very reluctant hero Matthew Swift.

In this instalment Mr Swift, as he is oft called by his recalcitrant official helpers the aldermen, encounters divisions within his ranks in the form of the minority council. When Matthew Swift became the midnight mayor the minority council proposed killing Matthew. This he suspected but couldn’t prove. Now Matthew Swift finds he is dealing with an outbreak of fairy dust, the fairy godmother and less than fulsome support from his official staff; to be fair, staff for a role he never wanted in the first place. So the game is on: lies, deception and double dealing – and that is from his home team, never mind the grief that the fairy godmother is trying to deal him. Mayhem and destruction, intentional and serendipitous result. Another less than satisfactory month in the life of Matthew Swift unfolds.

Kate Griffin has delivered another excellent novel populated with a cast of fast talking edgy cynical thugs, and laconic, jaundiced rogues for whom violence is just earnest discussion by less long winded means. If London is the backdrop, and Brick Lane the eatery then this is a chicken jalfrazi of a dish washed down with two Fuller’s India pale ales (poppadoms on the side): spicy but very satisfying.

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