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Die For Me Die For Me
by Amy Plum

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Tosca Waerea

Normal can change in a moment. For 16 year old Kate Mercier and her sister Georgia, normal is forever gone after they lose her parents in a car crash. The new normal means moving to Paris to be with their grandparents where Georgia settles in to her new life. Kate? Not so much. And then she meets Vincent. Beautiful, "other" Vincent, who has been living and dying since 1940.

More than anything I am fatally attracted to book covers which is why I initially wanted to read this particular title. But the burning questions is, really, does ‘Die for me’ have substance over the pretty? And I think it does, I really do. The ‘revenants’ – not quite ghost and not quite zombies - are not your run of the mill paranormal characters (even if it’s about to become bad revanants vs. good revenants) and, yes, the storyline is rather angst-y, but it’s a teen supernatural novel. I wouldn’t expect anything less. I forgive Plum for the angsty, though, because she gives me a rather refreshing take on a subgenre – paranormal romance – that often makes me feel like it’s much of a muchness. Yay!

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