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Bad Blood Bad Blood
House Of Commarre Book 3
by Kristen Painter

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Another fantastic book cover! The art is by Nekro again and depicts Chrysabelle so well. The covers of this series are awesome, tempting to those like me who judge a book by its cover. The book does not disappoint either, continuing Mal and Chrys’s fight against Tatiana and the breaking of the Covenant. You need to have read the first two books in the series – Blood Rights and Flesh and Blood - or you’ll be lost; they have so much information in them. This book has several storylines tightly interweaved together and the story told from the POV of those involved in each one.

The barrier between humans and othernaturals has been broken and it is almost Halloween, the night their power is strongest. Creek finds the dead daughter of the mayor, drained from what looks like a vampire attack. Estranged from her mother, she was a comarre wannabe and recently gave birth. Pressed for answers, Creek has to convince the mayor there are othernaturals and to cancel Halloween. The mayor and her werewolf bodyguards take refuge at Chrysabelle’s to ride out the storm.

Chrysabelle is still recovering from the loss of her comarre markings - the sigma - in Flesh and Blood, but eager to complete her mission to find her comar brother. She need information from the Aurelian to do this, but needs her sigma to do this. To get them she needs sacred gold, not easy to come by. The only thing that might do is the Ring of Sorrows, which has been hidden in the fae realm. Chrysabelle, Malkom, and Mortalis head to New Orleans to retrieve it, a city that has outlawed vampires. Caught up in fae politics, they can’t get back to help defend New Miami during Halloween.

Doc and Fi are finally free now the witch’s spell has restored Doc’s ability to shift to leopard form. But there’s a catch, now the witch can see through Doc’s eyes and control his body. And she wants Doc to bring her the comarre wannabe’s baby. Fi locks him in Chrysabelle’s wine cellar during Halloween to keep him safe from the witch. Meanwhile Tatiana gains more power and finds new allies. She sends a Trojan horse to storm Chrysabelle’s house at Halloween and retrieve the Ring of Sorrows. We learn more of Damian, her former comar who fled and found sanctuary in Chrysabelle’s house.

Clever plots, lots of action, sexual tension and vampires that don’t sparkle. This series gets more intriguing with each book. I can’t wait for book 4 & 5 to be released – no information yet on when that will be. Read them. The series has an interesting new twist on the same old vampire story.

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