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Night Pleasures Night Pleasures
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

The only normal one in a family of witches and psychics, and with a twin who is a vampire hunter, Amanda Devereaux is an accountant who lives a quiet life. Imagine her shock as she survives an attack meant for her sister - Tabitha - and wakes handcuffed to a tall, blonde, sexy stranger! At first she thinks it’s another attempt by Tabitha at extreme match-making, but soon realises she’s handcuffed to a vampire, her sister’s sworn enemy.

Kyrian of Thace is a Dark-Hunter, an immortal warrior who spends his nights hunting the vampires and daimons that prey upon mankind. Betrayed in ancient Greece by his wife, he was tortured and died vowing vengeance on his betrayers, which is why he was chosen to be a Dark-Hunter.

The first in the Dark-Hunter series, the how, why and what of Dark-Hunters is fully explained and important characters are introduced quietly in the background. Amanda and Kyrian just have to find a Greek god to break the handcuffs, track down and destroy the daimon tormenting them and destroy him, oh, and Amanda decides to find and return Kyrian’s soul.

This is a paranormal romance, fun, fast-paced and rather steamy, so parents might want to read it before allowing tweens to read it. The first – squee! Thank you Hatchette for re-releasing it!

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