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Night Embrace Night Embrace
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Talon is a Celt warrior cursed by his ancient gods. After his sister was murdered he sold his soul to Artemis. In exchange for vengeance on his tribe he became a Dark-Hunter, fighting Daimons and rescuing the human souls they’ve captured. Now assigned to New Orleans, Talon lives in a shack on a bayou surrounded by his pet alligators. As with all Dark-Hunters, Talon is a major hottie, with a penchant for black leather.

Sunshine Runningwolf is a talented artist with a big heart and lousy taste in men. After being rescued by Talon from a Daimon attack, she becomes a pawn in the plot of a Celtic war god and a Greek god, to torment and kill him. She has to save the day, as well as trying to convince the Greek goddess Artemis to return Talon’s soul. Luckily her grandmother is even more powerful than the gods......

The second Dark-Hunter book, this has action, romance and good vs. evil. There are many hints about Acheron’s past, leader of the Dark-Hunter’s; he is a background figure who appears lot in the book. Talon and Sunshine’s story is exciting and well written. It’s a bit steamy so parents, be warned before letting your tween read it. One thing that amused me about the Dark-Hunters is that for a secret society that humans can’t know about, a lot of people seem to!

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