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Theories Of Flight Theories Of Flight
by Simon Morden

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Theories of Flight is the second book in Simon Morden’s series featuring Samuil Petrovitch, Russian émigré and physicist, and the New Machine Jihad (NMJ).

Theories of Flight is set six months or so on from the action of the first book, Equations of Life, and has the London metrozone ever so slowly recovering from the trashing it received at the hands of the NMJ. But now the world knows that NMJ exists and sees it as mad, bad and dangerous to know. Unfortunately for Petrovitch and the London metrozone parts of the world believe the safest course of action is to take pre-emptive action and destroy what could be left of the NMJ – which means destroying the metrozone as well. What unfolds is a fast paced action thriller in the spirit of Michael Crichton or Robert Ludlum.

The great difficulty with second books in a series is does the author have the vision to carry on the narrative created in the first book without comprising or parodying the world created in that first book. By and large Mr Morden has managed to over come that problem by having his characters move on and grow as persons. The personal problems they are dealing with are not the same as the first book and won’t be same in the third (yes, there is a third Degrees Of Freedom: prefigured by a teaser chapter at the end of Theories of Flight).

I found Theories of Flight to be a lovely little escapist read and look forward to reading Degrees Of Freedom whenever it becomes available.

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