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Full Circle Full Circle:
Castings Trilogy Book 3
by Pamela Freeman

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

There are two kinds of book series in this world… those that are truly series, and those that are actually one book spread across multiple volumes. I’d figured out that the Castings trilogy was one of the latter from reading book one, and that I’d better find a copy of book two before reviewing book three, or I’d really lose the plot. The library supplied, and I was glad I did read Deep Water before Full Circle or it really would have been confusing.

Full Circle is, of course, mainly about bringing things to a satisfactory conclusion, as well as laying the dead to rest, sacrifice, and most importantly about a new stone. That stone changes the word, its name is evenness and it brings about balance. And this is a very balanced book in many ways. The resolution isn’t the big magical showdown you might expect for the end of a traditional fantasy trilogy, but it’s very satisfying nevertheless. There is definitely a new and inventive mood in the fantasy genre these days, and I rather like it.

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