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Days Of Blood And Starlight Days Of Blood And Starlight
by Laini Taylor
Little, Brown, And Company

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Karou has fled after finding out what happened to Brimstone and her chimaera family. Betrayed by Akiva, she takes refuge in the desert and joins the chimaera revenants as their resurrectionist. She uses the portals to slip between the human world and Eretz, buying supplies for the revenants and gathering teeth for her work. Watched closely by Thiago, the general of the chimaera revenants, her skin crawls whenever he’s near as he was the one to order Madrigal’s execution. She’s viewed as a traitor by most of the soldiers, for loving an angel when she was Madrigal.

Akiva is reunited with Liraz and Hazeal, after choosing Karou over them in Daughter of Smoke and Bone. They find they all want the senseless killing between the seraph and chimaera to stop and try to figure out a way to do it. Meanwhile someone is slaughtering the seraph, and using their bodies to send a message. In the subplot Zuzana finally figures out from Karou’s cryptic emails where she is, and with Mik sets off to find her. They succeed and stay with the chimaera in order to help Karou with her work.

I really enjoyed this book, a lot more than the first which I found slow. Now I can see it was a lot of world building and setting the scene. The plot was tightly woven and there was quite a bit of action going on, with the fighting between the beasts and the angels. The political manuvering was well thought out, with lots of little twists I didn’t see coming. Karou is a bit too meek and accepting of being treated like dirt by Thiago I thought. I also felt sorry for Akiva and wished she’d give him a bit of forgiveness.

I recommend you read the first book before this one to get the full backstory, though you can dive right in. The twist at the end was brilliant, though unexpected, and it seems so right for the story. I’m eagerly awaiting the final book in this trilogy, especially after the last lines - Tomorrow they start the apocalypse. Tonight, they let themselves look at each other, just for a little while.

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