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In Too Deep In Too Deep
Looking Glass Trilogy Book 1
An Arcane Society Novel
by Jayne Ann Krentz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Fallon Jones is the head of Jones & Jones, an investigative agency that handles paranormal crooks. Fallon sees patterns inside of chaos which helps uncover conspiracies. He can also send power that kills. A rich, quiet, muscular, just-the-facts ma’am type, Fallon is a classic romantic hero. He’s also recovering from a relationship that went bad despite every logical reason why it should have gone well. Everybody believes he’s on the edge of sanity.

Isabella Valdez is on the run and takes shelter in the tiny town of Scargill Cove, where she finds a job as Jones & Jones’s office manager. Isabella finds lost things - people, bodies, objects. She insists on taking on a job investigating a haunted house and discovers a serial killer and a mysterious psychic weapon.

Working together, Isabella and Fallon solve four different mysteries/questions. Each mystery has something to do with a mechanical object like a lantern or clock. The objects have different powers, such as they can kill or make someone unconscious. These weaponized psychic threats make for an intriguing world to read about.

The book didn’t have much action, instead a lot of long explanations about past events. When action did happen it was cleverly written and gripping though. The romance between Isabella and Fallon was a bit dry and boring. There was a lot of description of their psychic powers but not enough focus on their relationship and the building of it. They got together way too quickly and smoothly. This was a sweet book and fans of the Arcane Society should enjoy it. It was a bit too dull for me.

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