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Astropolis 1 Astropolis 1: Saturn Returns
by Sean Williams

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Saturn Returns is the opening book in the Astropolos trilogy, a space opera in the old heroic traditions. And a ripping good yarn it is too.

Saturn Returns traces Imre Bergamasc, the central character in the series, from his resuscitation by a collective looking for signs of God in the background radiation at the edges of the Milky Way galaxy to his reuniting with his old space mercenary (the Corps) comrades. Along the way he runs into two factions, the Barons and the Luminous, competing to stop his plans for restarting the galactic civilisation that he remembers.

We have to wait for book two to see how Imre’s plans for the new pan-galactic civilisation unfold, and see what villainy and trouble await him along the way.

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