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Link The Link
by Colin Tudge
Little, Brown

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Once every blue moon a truly remarkable find is discovered in the world of paleontology. The Link is the first book out about the latest fossil discovery, known as Ida, of an early primate that will have the professionals in this field at each others’ throats for years.

The Link details the discovery and initial evaluation of this spectacular fossil. The Link also includes much needed geologically historical analysis of Ida’s world and how it has changed.

While not science fiction, this book includes solid information that every SF world builder needs to know. For example, create a mountain chain the size of the Himalayas that gets annual monsoon rains and you will eventually get global cooling and frequent ice ages – Earth has had twenty in the last 2 million years. On the way to that forest unfriendly environment and the world’s rain forests will start to be replaced by grassy plains; if grass has evolved, with herds of ruminant herbivores.

And of what of Ida? She, for the fossil is that complete that the sex could be determined, was a juvenile primate who was gassed, fell into a muddy pool and drowned – and left a remarkably complete impression, such that even her furry outline and last meal are discernable. This is a fossil to circumnavigate the globe for.

Now I want to visit Oslo and see her; but it won’t be tomorrow worse luck for me.

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