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Emperor Of Thorns Emperor Of Thorns
by Mark Lawrence

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Sasha Martin

Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence is a satisfying conclusion to the bloody and darkly humorous world of the Broken Empire, in which Jorg must choose whether to put aside his pride and ally with his father, Olidan of Ancrath, to heal the world and return the dead to their rest, or remain proud and independent and watch it all burn.

Mark Lawrence has built a world with intriguing, complex characters and Jorg is great fun to watch: confounding his enemies at every turn despite seemingly impossible odds, deploying allies like tactical missiles in battle and "polite" conversation. And it's hard to fault Jorg some of his evil when unleashed against such a cast of corrupt and greedy men (and this is before we get to the zombies!) in service of protecting his admittedly twisted concept of innocence.

Mark Lawrence's ultraviolent anti-hero will be sorely missed.

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