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Summoning The Summoning
by Kelly Armstrong

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Louise McCully

Chloe Sauders at a pivotal moment in a girl's life suddenly begins to see ghosts at high school causing a rather major, and most teenagers would consider an embarrassing, scene. Consequently she is sent to a group home for disturbed kids, and everything about the home is not as it seems.

I've read half a dozen of Kelly Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series and have found her books hit and miss for me. Unfortunately this book didn't make the grade for me as an adult reader, though I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed it when I was in high school.

About 50 pages into the book, out of the blue, Chloe has a stutter. There wasn't any evidence prior and I am not sure how it added to the story except it was an excellent lie detector for people talking to her. Any book that gets me to stop reading the story and go searching to see if I missed something is not a good sign, because I read for character and consequently will forgive many gaping plot holes.

The ending of the book left me feeling as if there was a missing chapter because it didn't end with any feeling of resolution, or major cliffhanger. I get the feeling that this trilogy may have been written as a single book and was broken down into three novels.

I would recommend this novel only for young adults who were sure they had access to all three books in the trilogy.

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