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Avengers Angel Avenger's Angel
Lost Angels Book 1
by Heather Killough-walden

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

The Lost Angels series is about four archangels who came to earth 2000 years ago to find their archess, a soulmate created for each of them by God, to reward then for their loyalty. They’ve been looking for these women but had no success, so have found ways to fit in with humans in this new world. One is a fire-fighter, one a police officer, one a rock star, one an actor. There is also a fallen angel who has followed them to earth, determined to claim an archess for himself. He is the founder and CEO of the largest media company in the world.

Avenger’s Angel is the story of Uriel. He has become Christopher Daniels, one of the hottest actors in the world. He shot to stardom after a role as a vampire in a movie franchise (think similar to Twilight). While attending a book signing in Texas, he comes across a woman he recognizes as his archess.

Eleanor is special; she can control the weather, use telekinesis, and lay her hands on others to heal them. She has been on the run since being a child; her abilities making her stand out. A secret government group are hunting her and Ellie can’t risk any exposure. When Uriel asks her out she refuses. As well as hiding from the limelight, Ellie thinks he’s a jerk, a playboy too used to slavish adoration.

Ellie is also being pursued by Samael, aka Samuel Lambert, the fallen angel. He makes a deal with Uriel for equal time with the arches. Once Uriel has signed in blood, he becomes something he has only played on movie screens.

The idea for this series is interesting and I really enjoyed the first part of the story. The world building is well done, it’s fast paced and action packed, and there are interesting characters. Then I lost interest, as Uriel became a major jerk. I didn’t get what Ellie saw in this domineering chauvinistic pig. I also didn’t like the fact Ellie was created to serve Uriel and has no say in the matter. I will definitely read the next in the series though; in the hope it’s better than this book.

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