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Coyote Blue Coyote Blue
by Christopher Moore
Orbit Books

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

What would you do if a trickster demi-god came into your deliberately settled, bland, banal life and turned it upside down? This is what happens to Samuel Hunter when the Indian god Coyote appears in Santa Barbara, California. Fortunately, Samuel started life as Sam Hunts Alone, a Crow Indian in Montana, so he has some idea of what Coyote is and wants – except he doesn’t understand why he should be doing what Coyote wants. Add in a very new girlfriend, bikers, drugs and a demi-god who has no experience of the modern world and very odd things happen.

While I enjoyed this book a lot I find it hard to categorise, as it is neither properly humour or action thriller but sits in the little used writers’ territory between. For the story told, which has a vicarious, quixotic demi-god as one of its central characters, the style sits surprisingly well.

Mr Moore has successfully counted coup on me as a reader with this book. I look forward to further volumes by him.

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