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Captains Fury Captains Fury:
Codex Alera Book 4
by Jim Butcher

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Stephen Litten

This takes up the story directly after the events of book three, Cursor’s Fury, and all the main dramatis personae are there. Tavi is revelling in his new-found abilities, while his relatives are busy finishing off the chief rebel from book three. The intrigue is ratcheted up a notch, and Tavi is soon removed from command of the Legion he commanded for most of the preceding adventure as he refuses to countenance gross stupidity. He still uses his brain more than the average Aleran, and carefully guards the secret of who he is (Tavi, the furyless Aleran) as well as a couple of other secrets. Well, one he decides to exploit to the full when almost all other options are closed to him.

The Canim are still ensconced in Alera, and driving them out is the prime concern of most of the powerful and the Senate too. The slaves the Alerans kept are in revolt and have thrown in their lot with the Canim, if only because they are better treated. (It is difficult reviewing this book without giving away too many of the salient plot points from the previous.) Let’s just say that Tavi is more powerful and better connected that one might expect from the first books.

Once more intrigue takes centre stage, with factions jockeying for position to be the ones in charge when the First Lord dies. The Canim are not the villains one might expect them to be, and may an interesting change from the usual cardboard aliens (or meta-humans) one typically meets in high fantasy. Like the others in the series, Captain’s Fury is a worthwhile read, and I am frustrated that the story won’t finish until the end of the next book, which sees Tavi go into exile to help the Canim defeat a common foe.

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