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Lover Enshrined Lover Enshrined
Black Dagger Brotherhood: Book 6
by JR Ward

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Phury, a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, is also the Primale – expected to have a harem of 40 Chosen Ones and repopulate the warriors. He doesn’t want this destiny, as he’s struggling with his feelings for Bella, his brother’s mate, and Cormia, his first in the harem. He also has a serious drug addiction and a self destructive part of his mind whispering negative thoughts to him. He’s hiding at the Brotherhood compound and is not only killing lessers, but torturing them first.

Cormia has been chosen to be the First Mate, not something she wants. She has come to live at the compound to get to know Phury. She comes from ‘The Other Side’ – where all dress alike, there is no colour, no emotions and they are submissive and quiet. She gets a huge culture shock at the compound but eventually settles in.

Their story was disappointing. Cormia came across as a gentle, soothing friend to Phury, rather than one of the strong, passionate mates of the previous books. Phury was also disappointing. The wizard in his mind thing was annoying and I couldn’t work out why he’d suddenly gone from smoking non addictive red smoke to spiralling down to be a hard core drug addict. There was no resolution with Bella either. I was waiting for him to have a a-ha moment when he realized that he never really loved Bella, I wanted him to explain this to Cormia and allow her to feel secure. Instead she was left wondering if he still wanted Bella. Also, what happened to the rest of the Brotherhood? Why did they let Phury go downhill without attempting to save him?

The subplots in the book were awesome though. The Omega has a long-term plan to destroy the Brotherhood that is unfolding nicely. The Brotherhood trainees John Matthew, Qhuinn and Blaylock have a serious drama with another trainee, Lash. Their stories have major advancements with lots of surprises. Rhevenge's and Xhex's characters also play a big part, setting the scene for the next book.

For anyone new to the series - don't start here! You'll miss out on a lot of the back story. These books are NOT meant to be read stand alone. Besides the previous books have some awesome action.

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