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Baby Teeth Baby Teeth
Edited by Dan Rabarts And Lee Murray
Paper Road Press

Supplied for review by Paper Road Press

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Baby Teeth, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, is the first book published by new Wellington publisher Paper Road Press, and is an anthology of 37 short stories based on the creepy things young children say.

This is a book of short stories with the longest a mere 2,500 words, so be warned this is not a book for those looking for luxury length in their reading pleasures. But what these stories lack in size they more than make up for in shock and surprise value. Fittingly, the bulk of the collection is dark fantasy, or horror for the less coy, with too many excellent pieces for me to single any one out for specific praise; but there are also standard fantasy (e.g. Jenni Sands’ End of the Rainbow) and science fiction (e.g. M Darusher Wehm’s Windows) pieces, and there is humour, admittedly black humour, in there too – exemplified here by Paul Mannering’s The Skulkybunking Wurld Champyon of the Hole Woorld.

This is a strong collection and should be read by all lovers of fantasy (dark or otherwise) and short fiction. If this book is a forerunner of the books that Paper Road Press will be publishing, then I look forward with thinly veiled and ill-concealed anticipation to the next release.

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