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The Restoration Game The Restoration Game
by Ken Macleod

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

The Restoration Game is the latest novel by Ken MacLeod and, although he has written at least two series, unrelated to any of his previous works.

The title of the book is a summation of the plot, the plot within the plot and the faux computer game the plot in the story is based around. Yes, this is a many layered story but for the reader those layers are easy to identify and separate.

The story revolves around Lucy Stone, her childhood in the Georgian autonomous region of Krassnia, her family history and the game Dark Britannia, which the CIA is paying to have adapted into a Krassnian version. Krassnia’s folklore and Lucy’s family connection to Krassnia are the glue that holds this story together. As can be expected with a story as layered as this there is a twist in the tail worthy of a monkey or a snake.

The Restoration Game is a clever spy-thriller-cum-SF story that hangs together well, with strong likable characters and a believable plot. There was the added bonus of real Soviet history as the backdrop, and as a soupcon of surprise, seeing the bulk of the action was in Edinburgh and Krassnia, New Zealand figured in the action. Not literature but good solid SF: I enjoyed The Restoration Game and I hope you will too.

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