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Heir Of Novron Heir Of Novron:
Riyria Revelations Book 3
by Michael J. Sullivan

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Royce and Hadrian are back! Riyria perform a last job before Hadrian decides to retire and take a new path. Hadrian sets out to find the Heir of Novron and takes Royce with him, having thrilling adventures along the way. We met new characters, get reacquainted with old ones, see where they each grew up, and undertake a wild ride. The author isn’t afraid to kill characters off either.

Wintertide is the first volume, where Riyria attempt to free Degan Gaunt, the Heir of Novron, from the palace dungeons in Aquesta. They discover Princess Arista is being held there too and attempt to free her as well. The second volume is Percepliquis, which has Hadrian and a reluctant Royce leading a party of familiar characters on a quest to find the Horn of Gylindora, thought to be in the ancient city of Percepliquis which had vanished. While they’re away finding the city of Percepliquis, Empress Modina has to protect her people from a war with the elves. Along the way Hadrian and Royce face more ‘certain death as prisoners in dungeons’ situations.

This one book holds all the missing pieces we didn't realize we were missing, yet piecing all the secreted comments throughout the series together to complete everything. Michael has taken a series to all different levels throughout this series, and this book is a fabulous ending to it all!

The ending was very grownup with the realistic planning for the future but with lots of ‘wow, that was unexpected’ moments, ‘ah yes, that makes sense’ realisations, and the very last page was ‘light bulb moment!’   Perfect!’ All loose ends were neatly tied up though I’d love to read more history of certain characters. I highly recommend the Riyria Revelations series to any fans of fantasy adventure novels. Michael J Sullivan, please keep writing.  Your talent for producing awesome characters in exciting stories is wonderful.

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