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Heart Of Obsidian Heart Of Obsidian
by Nalini Singh

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Sahara is a NightStar, part of the strong clan of F-Psy who forsee events to come. She is only a sub designation B, with the gift of backsight. But she has another talent, so powerful no one knows of it. Except her captor. Held hostage for seven years and forced to use her power to benefit her kidnapers, she created a labyrinth in her mind to escape to so complex no one could breach it. Then she was rescued from her prison.

Kaleb Krycek is the youngest member of the Psy Council. Icily ruthless, he is an extremely dangerous and powerful Tk. He’s been looking for Sahara for years before he teleports her to his fortress-like home in remote Russia. Kaleb’s motives are shrouded in mystery; does he want Sahara in order to gain control of her power or is there a deeper connection?

I knew it! The answer to a question was what I thought and it was so obvious! A lot of questions are answered and some storylines wrapped up, while others remain a mystery and new possibilities for the Psy/changeling/human world are opened. The plot was tightly packed with lots of action, chilling motives of fanatics, and the steamy hot love scenes Nalini Singh writes so well. The pace moved well with events neatly flowing after each other, and the different points of view were easy to follow. There was also a HEA.

A must read for fans, this story can be read as a standalone. I strongly recommend reading the rest of the series first though, mainly to enjoy the backstories of this compelling world. Parental discretion is advised due to the passionate love scenes.

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