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Mistborn Mistborn: The Alloy Of Law
by Brandon Sanderson

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jacqui Smith

Now, you’ll have to understand that I haven’t actually read the original Mistborn trilogy, though I’m certainly encouraged to do so by this novel. The original trilogy was essentially medieval high fantasy, but Sanderson has rolled the clock for The Alloy of Law.

It’s three hundred years later, and technology has advanced in the way it usually doesn’t in fantasy novels. However, this book is not your typical Victorian Steampunk novel, having a much more Wild West feel. There are lots of guns, there are lawkeepers, and there are train robberies. There is also the "magic" of Mistborn, which if you haven’t read the other books, has more a flavour of psionics, maybe even superpowers. Is this another case of science fiction in fantasy dress? I’m not sure.

As for the book itself, there’s plenty of action, some of it spectacular – there’s even a running battle on top of a train… The heroes are complex enough to be both interesting and memorable, and the primary villain’s motives are sensible and insane at the same time. As for the villain behind the villain… that really would be telling. Definitely worth reading.

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