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Storm Of Swords A Storm Of Swords:
Steel And Snow: A Song Of Ice And Fire Book 3 Part 1
by George R. R. Martin

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

The Night Watch is fighting the Wildlings while its men plot against their brothers. The Others give them a ferocious battle, which only a few survive. Jon Snow spends time among the Wildlings, fighting his former brothers after having renounced the vows he made to the Night Watch.

Brianne of Tarth has been tasked by Lady Caitlyn to rescue and release Jamie Lannister, so he will then release her daughters, held hostage by the court. She doesn’t know that Arya escaped and has fled to find her and Robb, while Sansa ends up forced to wed. Bran and Rickon have fled the ruins of Winterfell, separated to keep them safe.

Daenerys Targaryan fights a few battles while trying to find a safe place for her children and three dragons. Stannis is greatly influenced by the Red Priestess and honours her god by giving sacrifices to the flames.

Lots of action, intrigues and adventure, with alliances made and broken and loyalties bought. The characters are growing and you understand more of their motivations. Book 3 is split into two books, this is the first and a manageable 623 pages and easy to hold.

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