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Tracking The Tempest Tracking The Tempest
by Nicole Peeler

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Tosca Waerea

Still coming to terms with her part-fey heritage, Jane True is off to spend Valentine’s Day with her not-quite-boyfriend Ryu, who just happens to be a vampire. Nobody’s perfect, right? But Ryu’s well-intentioned Valentine plans don’t quite pan out the way they should have, and suddenly Jane finds herself investigating a spree of killings…perpetrated by another Halfling.

Jane True is back, sassier, funnier, slightly clumsier and with the ability to (almost) control her power. I didn’t think it possible but the world building in this title seems to be even more solid than the previous novel. The storyline moves better, too, making for a really good adventure/suspense read. My only complaint is that book 3 is not due to be released for another month or so. If I could ask Ms. Peeler one question, without giving away anything about the story, it would be this: What the heck kind of ending is that?! Tracking the Tempest is the second book in Peeler’s hilarious Jane True series – you’ll definitely want to start with the first one.

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