Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand

New Space Opera The New Space Opera 2
by Gardner Dozois And Jonathan Strahan

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Diana Lowe

In the first volume of this series, the editors put together a snapshot of how the space-opera story has evolved, from its 1940s pulp beginnings to one of the most popular forms of modern science fiction. Volume two is more of the same. It’s a varied collection, "ranging from cool, cutting extrapolation on the extreme edge of cosmology to baroque romanticism to the swashbuckling adventures of space pirates."

From the satirical To Go Boldly by Cory Doctorow to the layers-within-layers The Lost Princess Man by John Barnes, to the flamboyant Fearless Space Pirates of the Outer Rings by comics writer Bill Willingham, to Mike Resnick’s brisk and funny farce Catastrophe Baker And A Canticle for Leibowitz, this really is a box of mixed chocolates, with some things you’ll like and others you mightn’t as much. It’s worth the getting.

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