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Unholy Ghosts Unholy Ghosts:
Downside Ghosts Book 1
by Stacy Kane

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Had the man in front of her not already been dead, Chess probably would have tried to kill him. Damn ghosts.

With an opening like that I had high expectations for this book, as the story sounded intriguing – a flawed, ghost hunting heroine who owes her drug dealer a lot of money and is doing him a favour to pay him back. Sadly, I found it hard to get into and I struggled to keep my attention on the book. It was well written, just the story didn’t appeal to me – which probably says a lot about my taste in reading materials rather than being a reflection on this book! I urge other urban fantasy fans to try it for themselves though.

The world Chess Putnam lives in is ruled by the Church of Real Truth, who have been running the world since governments fell after an uprising of the dead. They reimburse citizens being harassed by the deceased and there are quite a few false claims made by people hoping to get easy money. Chess is a witch who is sanctioned by the church to uncover the truth of haunting and perform exorcisms if needed. She enjoys a special status as part of the church and no one dares to mess with her. Except her drug dealer.

He claim Chess owes him a lot of money and can wipe her debt by performing him a favour – an exorcism. He sends his enforcer to ensure it gets done – an enforcer Chess is attracted to. A rival drug dealer doesn’t want the exorcism to happen – and is willing to do anything to ensure this. Luckily for him, Chess is also attracted to him.

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