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Vanalenlegacy The Van Alen Legacy
by Melissa Del La Cruz

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

In the aftermath of Concorvado, Schuyler and her conduit Oliver are on the run together, fearing going back to New York and being found to be Silver Bloods. After a year of this, they go to beg sanctuary from the head of the French Blue Bloods and are ambushed by Silver Bloods.

Bliss discovers that she is being controlled by someone living inside her and controlling her body. She has to discover if she is strong enough to fight back and regain control. Mimi has temporarily given up on Jack and has joined with Kingsley and his venator team to chase Silver Bloods responsible for the Concovado attack. She must decide whether to strengthen the vampire twin bond between her and Jack, or follow Kingsley. Schuyler’s mother plays an important part, emerging from her coma and revealing why she has a bond to Bliss.

The bad guys –Silver Bloods – are finally revealed, except the Blue Blood council is shocked that the Silver Bloods exist and react by denying it. Another good read and I need to read the next to find out what happens next. A fun series.

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