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Worlds End Worlds End
by Will Elliott
Harper Voyager

Supplied for review by Harper Collins New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

World’s End is the final volume in Will Elliott’s iconoclastic "Pendulum" fantasy trilogy and concludes the tales of Eric and Case.

In the previous two volumes Will Elliott kept achieving the unexpected by confounding my predictions as to what the next plot development would be. Once again he has taken the standard fantasy plot elements and tropes, and decided that no, his characters will remain true to themselves and be venal, small-minded and focussed on their own agendas. The captive dragons break free, schemes of villains become undone, and plans of heroes are up ended. Eric is handed a hugely tempting morsel and walks away from it. It all makes sense and coheres as a whole as strange as that may seem. This is a tale of come the hour, come the consequences.

World’s End is a difficult book to discuss without unintentionally revealing the punch line – and that is something that should discover through reading the book. An ending I should add that I didn’t see coming: not even two chapters from the end.

For all those finding their intake of fantasy that little bit passť or losing its oomph, then I heartily recommend you Will Elliott’s "Pendulum" trilogy: Pilgrims, Shadow and World’s End. For some this series will be an uncomfortable read, if only because the standard expectations of a fantasy series were so blithely side-stepped. If only more authors would do the unexpected. For me this book was a plate of steak, eggs and chips at a vegetarian banquet, out of place but so very, very welcome.

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