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Archangels Storm Archangel's Storm
by Nalini Singh

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth

Jason is .a spymaster, an angel and one of Raphael’s Seven. Very good at remaining unnoticed, he has the ability to merge into shadows. Flashbacks to a tragic event in his past help you understand why he doesn’t trust easily and is remote. The daughter of Nivriti (Neha’s sister) and Eris, Mahiya was raised by Neha, the Archangel of India, who saw her as a constant reminder of her husband’s betrayal. Used as a whipping boy for centuries, Mahiya has remained strong and managed to fool everyone into underestimating her. Now Eris is dead, Neha has no need to keep her alive to torment him with her presence.

This book takes place directly after Archangel’s Blade and it is at the wedding of Dmitri and Honor that Jason discovers that there has been a murder. Eris, the Consort of Neha - Archangel of India, has been savagely murdered. Jason is asked by Neha to investigate - as long as he swears a blood bond to her first. The only available person is Mahiya. Stuck with each other, they begin to investigate Eris’s murder, and then more bodies turn up. Along the way, Jason discovers Mahiya has an incredible strength of character, as well as plans of her own..........

A real who-dunnit with lots of steamy scenes, this is an exciting read with strong characters. We also get to follow Dmitri and Honor as she is made. Not my favourite in the Archangel series, which may have something to do with Neha being the Queen of Poisons and snakes are everywhere, this book is an interesting read.

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