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Prophecy Of The Sisters Prophecy Of The Sisters
by Michelle Zink
Atom Books

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Prophecy of the Sisters is Michelle Zink’s first novel – and she has hit the ground running. Ms Zink has managed to deliver a novel that tells a story, has believable characters and situations, and leaves one wanting more.

The story, set in late-nineteenth century New York state, concerns two secondary-school-aged sisters, Amalia (Lia) and Alice Milthorpe, who have just become orphans on the untimely death of their father. During the course of the next few weeks Lia discovers that she and her sister are at the centre of a centuries old conflict; a conflict that passes down from a twin mother to twin daughters. Lia believes that she is the focus of the forces of good and her sister the forces of evil, but fate has dealt them each a peculiar hand and the sisters learn they are the proxies for their natural opposites.

Prophecy of the Sisters is the first book in a series, but this fact only becomes apparent in the closing chapters as the reader becomes aware that the remaining story is too big for what is left of the book.

I look forward, with some impatience, to the next instalment.

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