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Fantasylover Fantasy Lover
by Sherilyn Kenyon

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Jan Butterworth
Tosca Waerea

"I would date if I could ever find a man worth shaving my legs for."

A Spartan general in ancient Greece, Julian of Macedon had a curse placed upon him by the gods, to become a love-slave and spend eternity pleasing women while never being pleased, his essence magically held in a book that is passed down from woman to woman. The book finds its way to a secondhand bookshop.

Grace is a sex therapist who hasn’t dated for 4 years. A friend gives her the book for a birthday present, so she can summon a love-slave and enjoy herself She ends up wanting to break the curse so Julian can be free and has to deal with the Greek gods in order to achieve her goal.

This story is the prequel before the Dark Hunter series, this is more a stand-alone romance, but Julian and Grace are definite fixtures in the series. A slightly raunchy book, you might want to read it first before passing it on to teens, but it also has moments of humour, such as when the Greek god Eros turns out to be a modern day xxxxxxx. No, read it to find out. It’s a light-hearted fun read.

-- Jan Butterworth

Review: Julian Macedon has spent far too many years – hundreds, thousands even – confined to life as a sex slave and doomed to spend his time stuck within the pages of an ancient book. The only time Julian leaves the pages is when he’s called forth to serve women in a purely physical sense. Needless to say, romance and love are overrated. Grace Alexander is a celibate sex therapist, a lifestyle decision made after the end of a rather awful relationship. She’s not into love, either. Her life is as far removed from Julian’s as it could possibly get, until Grace’s rather unusual friend, Selena, gives her Julian’s book as a birthday present. Imagine Grace’s surprise when the spell she assumes is a joke, really does work. What’s a girl to do when she has a real-life Greek demi-god at her beck and call determined to make her fall in love with him?

A fun-filled – and slightly steamy - and addictive read. Fantasy Lover is the first book in Kenyon’s long running Dark-Hunter series. I’m an ardent fan of Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter books, so much so that I visited New Orleans in 2009 for three reasons: the music; Mardi Gras; Kenyon’s books and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. If you like your paranormal romance with sizzle, you will not be disappointed.

-- Tosca Waerea

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